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Bull we raised

Boyer Family Farms

With the dreams of making a living off of the farm, producing prized Limousin cattle, and raising a family, we moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa in 1995. Along with us came 40 Limousin cattle. We have made our home on our farm in the rolling hills of southern Iowa. With great care and close attention, our herd has expanded as we meet the demands for both high quality Limousin bulls and lean, all-natural beef. Every year, part of our calves are kept for bulls and breeding females. The other part is kept for our beef sticks and other beef products. Besides raising a family and cattle, we also grow row crops, swine, and lambs. We offer our Limousin breeding stock at the Iowa Beef Expo, Black Hills Stock Show, and on the farm. We are honored to have the opportunity to raise quality cattle together as a family and would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

About Limousin Cattle

Known as “The Butcher’s Breed” the Limousin breed is known for it’s lean, thick, and high quality beef. Originating in France with traces of the breed in cave drawings estimated to be 2000 years ago, Limousin cattle first came to the United States in 1971. Since then the breed has expanded as cattle producers and people realize the quality of the Limousin breed. Limousin cattle are rugged cattle that have a tremendous adaptability to climate. When animal power was used heavily Limousin cattle were known as “beasts of burden and beef cattle” as they made great work animals and produced large amounts of beef. It was in some of the first carcass competitions where the Limousin cattle gained large amounts of attention from cattlemen when they swept away other breeds with their valuable carcasses. “From humble beginnings in France many centuries ago, these golden-red beef cattle have now achieved acceptance here in the United States as a major contributor to a more efficient beef industry. Limousin is the most progressive continental breed registry in the United States. Limousin is the leader in Muscle Growth Efficiency and is the ideal complement to British-based cows.”


What Are Our Cattle Fed?

Our cattle are out on pasture year-round and get hay in the winter. To give the cows some extra energy in those cold months, the cows are given a small amount of corn. This is needed to help maintain the cows weight and health. We have both a spring and fall calving herd. The calves are with the cows for approximately 6 months and then go through a weaning process as they become too large to be on a cow. They are gradually converted from milk to a grain feed that is better suited to fulfill their nutrient requirements at that age. The cattle that are fed this grain mixture also are in pasture and have access to grass, hay, and clean water. Much like humans, as the cattle grow their nutrient requirements change. We make sure to continually fulfill these requirements. Once the cattle are market ready (normally between 14-18 months) they are taken to a family-owned, USDA certified locker in northern Missouri to be processed. The locker ensures to use the most humane ways of handling the livestock to keep a low-stress environment for both the handlers and the animal. We take pride in knowing that are cattle are treated in the best ways possible. We strongly believe that proper care produces the tasty beef that our customers love and expect from us.

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